A webpage that contains pictures of all the products of the brands available in the portfolio PLATINET S.A. The photostock contains pictures of the products currently available in offer, but also the archive, which can be accessed only at our customer’s points of sales. In this way we provide a modern marketing tool representing an invaluable sales support and source of knowledge about our commercial offer. Using the photostock is very simple, see the HELP tab to learn how to assemble and download images.

Our photostock allows many options:

  • several ways of search (by acronym, EAN code, category or brand),
  • the simultaneous download of all the pictures of the product,
  • generates product sheets with descriptions and product data,
  • creates your own clipboard,
  • makes additional selection of photos from the clipboard,
  • the use of archive browser session,
  • downloading photos in a convenient package,
  • a range of other useful and convenient functions.